Visiting The Blue Zoo Aquarium In Spokane, Washington

71% of this planet is covered by our oceans and seas – and although 80% of that saltwater remains unexplored that which we do know about is filled with wonder. A visit to the Blue Zoo Aquarium in Spokane reveals just how fascinating this aquatic realm can be. However, this aquarium offers much more than the opportunity to view the wonders of the deep. It gives young and old the opportunity to interact with the lifeforms that fill our seas and oceans.

There are also attractions that will entrance the younger members of any party that visits Blue Zoo. The Pirate and Mermaids show is particularly popular. The excitement of dashing pirates and sword fights – and the lovely mermaid that greets the young ones as they settle in for the show excites the imagination and sets the scene for fun. Sharks and Stingrays are always a favorite with kids – and learning more about these creatures will have children entranced. The ‘Stingrays, Sharks and Dive Show’ is that perfect combination of entertainment and education. Interacting with the diver in the shark tank is exciting and another way that Blue zoo brings interaction to any visit. Of course, the question and answer session provides any child with an enquiring mind the opportunity to exercise their curiosity.

But there is much more than just aquatic life to explore. The reptile show is hosted by experts and after a presentation comes the opportunity to interact with some of the most incredible reptiles on the planet. The Q&A session is part and parcel of the educational component of the show. This is also a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to get that photo that will allow the visit to live on in memory.

Interactivity is part of the Blue zoo experience old and young are offered the opportunity to feed and interact with a variety of species including fish and other marine animals, birds, and reptiles.

Exhibits include those featuring an enormous variety of natural wonders. Visitors can expect to learn more about sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, octopi, starfish, clownfish, lizards, and birds. All living in environments mimic their natural habitats.

There are also play tables and a pirate ship to keep young minds stimulated and young bodies occupied, in fact, the many attractions make Blue Zoo the ideal venue for hosting a birthday party – and they will structure a package to suit your unique requirements.

A visit to the Bue Zoo Aquarium is an unforgettable experience. It is the perfect venue for those who are fascinated by the natural world.

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