Learn About Gonzaga University In Spokane

Gonzaga University is one of the premier liberal arts-focused higher education institutions in the United States. Located in Spokane, Washington the ethos of the university is informed by its adherence to Jesuit principles. which is to provide students with a rounded education that stresses the balance between body, mind, and spirit.

The university boasts a curriculum that balances these driving principles. coursework includes mathematics, philosophy, theology, literature, writing, and speaking. For many, these educational offerings strike the balance between hard sciences and a humanist approach to education.

For many, the art of writing is one that is perhaps decreasing in importance in a modern world that is characterized increasingly by visual stimuli driven to a large part by the increasing prominence of the Internet. Those who structure the curriculum at Gonzaga University are of a different opinion. Writing is at the core of many of the educational offerings due to the fact that it encourages logical thought, but at the same time has the ability to inspire and harness the power of imagination. Of course, the fact that many of history’s greatest thinkers put their ideas and philosophies down on paper makes writing (and reading) important parts of any well-rounded education.

The university offers a wide range of courses and degrees. These include 75 undergraduate majors, 26 master’s degrees, a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, and a Juris Doctor (through the School of Law).

The university prides itself on the ability to offer students a personalized academic experience, due in part to the ratio of student-to-faculty academics of 11:1. The small class sizes (an average of 22 students per class) allows for more meaningful interaction between lecturers and students. Adding to the attraction of Gonzaga for students (and parents) is the school’s highly respected overseas study programs – including the flagship program Gonzaga-in-Florence, Italy.

Gonzaga’s belief in balanced student life is enhanced by its athletic offerings. The school offers a wide variety of opportunities for those interested in numerous sporting disciples such as football, men’s and women’s soccer, rowing golf, track and field, tennis, and baseball, among others. The McArthy Athletic Center is a modern facility dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle among members of the student body. The Patterson Baseball complex and Luger Field both contribute to the university sporting credentials – and games foster a sense of pride (helped along by mascot Spike the Bulldog).

For students in search of an institute of higher education that strives to provide a balanced and healthy lifestyle and world-class academics, underpinned by traditional values, Gonzaga University is a choice well worth evaluating carefully.

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