Exploring Riverfront Park in Spokane WA

Riverfront Park in Spokane has been recognized as being one of the most scenic parks in the United States. Although other parks and riverside attractions may be larger – Riverfront Park spans 100 acres, it makes up for that slightly diminutive acreage by being a delight to explore, and the delight of that exploration is heightened by the fact that much of the park is located on an island caressed by the gently flowing waters of the river that lends its name to the city.

The natural beauty of the area is obvious when visitors take to the Centennial Trail or stop to wonder at the tumbling waters of the Spokane Falls – which are at the heart of the park. The falls were a relational gathering place for the Native American members of the Spokane Tribe who used to congregate around the falls to bask in their natural splendor and engage in hunting and food gathering activity. Although usually, a gentle tumbling of waters the Winter runoff can transform the falls into a maelstrom of wild waters – and when that happens in early Spring the falls attract thousands of visitors.

Havermale Island is one of the gems in the crown of Riverfront Park. Here the visitor can enjoy the Pavillion, which was built as the U.S. Federal Pavilion for the 1974 World’s Fair. The focus of the Pavillion was to draw attention to ecological challenges and how those might be addressed – a topic that is as important today as it was in 1974. Today the Pavillion is a multi-use event space and visitors can enjoy attractions such as arts and cultural activities, community festivals, fitness classes, and concerts.

Other island attractions include an elevated walkway with incredible river views and at night 479 high‑tech illumination blades provide a dazzling patterned light display which mesmerizes as it lights ups the Pavillion space.

Riverfront Park is the perfect family venue. Aside from its unarguable natural beauty, there are a number of rides and attractions that will appeal to members of the entire family, from youngest to oldest. There is the NUmerica sky ride which provides a birds-eye view of the entire area and a number of play areas such as the Ice Age Floods Playground and Providence Playscape. For refreshments make sure to stop by the Sky Ribbon Cafe.

For a great family day out it’s hard to beat the attractions of Riverfront Park. It is worth setting aside an entire day to simply explore this wonderful space.

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