Checking out the Magic Lantern Theatre

The Magic Lantern Theatre is located in the heart of Spokane, Washington. While there are venues in other locales with the same name, they bear no relation. This is a smaller theatre that specializes in art-house and independent films, which means that is not a place to go to see all of the latest blockbuster hits.

Seating is pretty limited at this theater, so it is not appropriate for large parties. There are just two screens at the Magic Lantern Theatre. It is the perfect location for individuals, couples, and small groups. Keep in mind that the size of the two theatres is not very large, so it would be wise to call ahead to make sure there is enough availability. To be specific, one of the screens seats 31 while the other seats 97.

Besides the fact that the tickets at this venue are relatively cheaper than others in the area, there are other things that make the place stand out, including the fact that there is a concession stand that is reasonably priced as well.
Those who only have enough to cover the cost of popcorn would be pleased to know that complimentary water is available at the snack station. It is also possible to buy wine and beer on the premises.

The facilities are clean and free of debris. This includes the bathrooms, theatres, the lobby, and the area directly outside of the building. The owners pride themselves on offering a nice environment that is sustainable and fitting for people of all ages and backgrounds.

This is not the first Magic Lantern Theatre that was opened in 1973. While it bears the same name and concept, this is an entirely new location. There have been several owners and it was closed four times between 1973 and 1998. At that point, it was closed for good. The current owners, a non-profit film society opened this place in 2007 and the plan is to keep this legacy going for as long as possible.

It is relatively easy to find this place if someone is familiar with the Downtown Spokane area. In fact, those who know of the Saranac Hotel building should rejoice; this is located in that building. There are some who have complained about the lack of plushness they see at other places, but this place is intended for those who love the idea of seeing a film in a classic environment.

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