What does a real estate agent do?

Thinking of selling your home by going the traditional route… through a real estate agent?  

Well, you wouldn’t be alone. 

Millions of people around the nation work with real estate agents every year to make real estate transactions easier and more seamless. 

But here’s a question that you might not have the answer to…

What do real estate agents actually DO? 

After all, that’s an important question. If you’re going to pay 6% commission to this person, then you at least deserve an explanation as to how they’ll be serving you.

So here’s a quick overview…

Reviewing The Home

The first thing a good real estate agent will do is research the property and visit it in-person. They’ll also do market research to help determine a good price point. 

Listing The Property

Then the agent will list the property on the MLS. A good agent will be sure to use professional photos and they will also encourage decluttering, cleaning, and maybe even staging of the home. 

Inspections & Closing

Finally, the agent will make sure to get all of the necessary inspections and appraisals and they will help at closing as all of the final paperwork is completed for the sale of the home. 



Most sellers don’t want to do any of those things so paying an agent is a no-brainer. Or sometimes selling for-sale-by-owner is a better option. 

Alternatively, you could sell your home to a professional home buyer like us over at INW Properties, where we buy homes as-is, fast, for cash. We even pay all closing costs and we close in as little as two weeks! Give us a call at 509-828-4270 to learn more. 

Either way, good luck with selling your home! 🙂

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