We’ve bought a lot of homes in Eastern Washington or North Idaho over the past few years.

In fact, it’s sort of our thing.

We make offers to homeowners who want to sell fast and as-is for a fair cash price… without the headaches of listing on the MLS or going through a real estate agent.

Obviously, this process requires a lot of real estate knowledge.

And one of the questions often asked by people is, “How do you determine the value of my home?”

There’s a lot that goes into that… but the biggest piece?

Location, location, location.

We know it and so do real estate agents.

In many cases, WHERE a home is located is even more important than the condition of the home itself. If a house is in a highly desirable neighborhood, then we stand to profit a lot off of the investment… and our cash offer will reflect that.

Heck, it might be possible to sell the home for more than you think if it’s in a desirable neighborhood… EVEN IF if it’s in poor condition.

Only one way to find out.

Give us a call at 509-828-4270!

We can do a valuation on your home and make you a fair cash offer within 48 hours.

It’s super easy.

Just give us a call, tell us a little bit about your house, and then give us a few days to do some research. We’ll call with our offer within about 48 hours — absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

We’ll talk soon!

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