Want to sell an eastern Washington or North Idaho house with a cracked foundation?

You might be worried that you won’t be
able to sell… but the good news is that you CAN (so long as the cracked
foundation is disclosed to the buyer and they agree to purchase it “as

But… just how bad is the damage?

That depends. A cracked foundation is
simply a result of the foundation settling and moving along with the soil. More
problematic signs include…

– Gaps in the foundation walls

– Misaligned doors or windows

– large cracks (> 1/4″)

– Leaning chimneys

– Diagonal cracks in brick walls

A cracked foundation is not always a deal-breaker
for home buyers, but it definitely needs to be repaired before putting the
house on the market…

… IF you decide to sell the home the
traditional way, that is.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sell the
traditional way.

You could sell your house as-if for a
fair cash price and not have to make any repairs to it whatsoever. Wouldn’t
that be convenient?

You could even pick your closing date,
not pay agent commissions, and avoid closing costs.


By giving us a call at 509-828-4270 . We can
make you a fair cash offer within 48 hours. And there’s no obligation on your
end to accept the offer we make.

Give us a call at 509-828-4270 to get started!

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