Negotiate real estate agent commission

Negotiate real estate agent commission. 

Unhappy with how much your real estate agent’s commission is? 

Good news!

You can ALWAYS negotiate that number. 

(If they tell you that it’s non-negotiable, it’s probably a good idea to find a different real estate agent to work with.)

At INW Properties, we’ve been buying and selling real estate for quite some time in Spokane… and so we’re quite familiar with this process. 

In fact, here are things you can use as leverage to negotiate with your agent!

Home Desirability 

If your home is in a very desirable neighborhood and/or if it’s in the ideal price-point for buyers, then it’ll probably sell fast. And that means you might be able to negotiate a lower commission since the agent’s job is going to be easy. 

Price Point

The more money that your house is worth, the more that the real estate agent stands to make, even if they have a slightly lower commission. So if your home is quite high-value, then it’s worth asking the agent if they can take a slightly lower commission. 

Time Of Year

When you sell your home also makes a difference. If you sell when homes sell easily (summer), then you can probably negotiate a better commission. If you sell when homes don’t sell easily (winter), then you don’t really have leverage here.

Hope that helps! And if you’d rather sell your house as-is fast for a fair cash price, give us a call at 509-828-4270! We can close in as little as two weeks and we’ll pay all closing costs!

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