More people are working from home than ever before!

More people are working from home than ever before! 

And as fun as working from home is… it also has its challenges. 

Maybe, for instance, your home doesn’t have room for an additional office and so you’re having to work at the kitchen table, in the guest room, or even in your bedroom. 

(Meanwhile, the kids are running around the house playing like crazy.)

It’d be nice to have some private office space in your home, wouldn’t it? 

If you’re nodding your head “yes”, here are a few tips!

Make it Private 

The bigger your family is, the more private your office should be (so you can get work done). Make sure to get a room that’s a bit sound-proofed and put a lock on the door!

Invest in a Chair

The chair is probably the most important part of your home office, so don’t hesitate to spend a little extra money. You’ll be sitting in it for hours every day.   

Make it Your Own 

Ideally, you want to look forward to working in your home office, so make it your own and personalize it. Use a paint color that you love and set it up just how you like it. 

Get a View

There’s nothing like having a good view from your office. If possible, choose a room in the house that has a window. 

Hope that helps!

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