Is your SPOKANE home even worth repairing?

Is your home even worth repairing?

Obviously, you don’t want to live in a home with broken appliances, bad plumbing, dangerous wiring, or ineffective air conditioning…

But you also don’t want to spend an arm and leg to live in a home that’s functional. 

Truthfully, you shouldn’t have to spend massive amounts of money to live in a decent home. 

And you don’t. 

There are many affordable homes around Spokane for rent or for sale right now. If your home is in such disrepair that fixing it is beyond what you can afford… then it might be time to sell as-is for cash to a professional homebuyer. 

For your reference, here are 3 of the most expensive repairs to make to a property…

Siding Repairs

Siding is the protective material on the outside of your home. Siding helps protect your home from nasty weather and normal wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, repairing your siding can cost up to $16,000 depending on the severity of the damage. 

Foundation Repairs

Foundation problems, usually indicated by cracks in the walls, dysfunctional doors, or sinking floors, is a very expensive problem to fix. Depending on the severity of the damage, foundation problems can cost up to $12,000. 

Mold Removal

Mold might not seem like such a big issue, but getting rid of it is absolutely necessary (for health reasons) and yet… it can be quite expensive. Removing large amounts of stubborn mold can cost up to $6,000!

If you simply can’t afford to repair your home, give us a call at 509-828-4270 and we can make you a fair cash offer on your property. We can even pay all closing costs and close in as little as two weeks!



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