Iller Creek Trail Head: A Wonderful Hiking Experience

Receiving a stunning 4.8 score from hundreds of reviews on Google, you know you’re looking at something special when you make your way to the Iller Creek TrailHead, which connects to the Iller Creek Conservation Area, a beautiful nature preserve that is located in Spokane Washington.

The Area
The Iller Creek Conservation Area features mountain trails, creeks, and even large granite rock outcroppings that have been approved for rock climbing. This is an area that is open to the public 24 hours a day and features some truly beautiful scenery and a wide array of excellent views while hiking through the mountains, over the creeks, and surrounded by woods.

Located only a few miles from downtown Spokane Washington, you can go from city to wilderness in a very short time. The primary trail here is a loop, running a respectable 5.4 miles of moderately challenging trails that include up to 1300 feet of elevation gain and loss as you go up and down the trail, assuming you hike the entire loop.

Pet Friendly
This is a trail that allows dogs, but they have to remain on leash at all times. This is a great trail for kids, as well. Be aware that it’s important that your dogs are well-trained as this is a nature preserve which means especially in the evening or at dusk, animals can be very active around the trail including moose – and you don’t want a yipping dog getting a bull moose angry.

That said, there are very few records of any instances on this trail, it is overwhelmingly safe especially for individuals who follow the rules and use common sense.

Facilities of Note
There are minimal facilities here, although the trailhead does have some parking as well as limited bathrooms. However, this is all that you can expect as this is a trail that is meant for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the area, not for overnight campouts or big get-togethers, or anything similar.

Side Trails
While the main loop is just under five and a half miles there are multiple side trails that attach to the Iller Creek Trailhead and offer spectacular side views. If visiting, we highly recommend bringing the camera and plenty of time to explore some of the side trails which bring you to amazing scenic views and outcroppings.

Open 24/7
This is a public area that is open 24/7 however use all proper precautions at night as this is a very active wildlife area.

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