Got scammed before?

Have you been scammed on the sale of a home before? 

Maybe you worked with a real estate agent who listed your home for a low price and you later found out that you could have sold for quite a bit more. Maybe you worked with an agent who didn’t actually work all that hard… and it took a really long time to sell. 

Or maybe you worked with a professional homebuyer who made a lot of big promises (fair cash offer, sell fast, pay closing costs, etc) but delivered on very few of them. 

We get it. 

At INW Properties, it’s unfortunate how many people come to us because they’ve been scammed by another real estate professional in the past. 

That’s why we’re so dedicated to actually helping people sell their homes fast for cash. 

Here’s what we promise…

Fair Offer

We’ll make you a fair cash offer on your home. Usually, we can make you this offer within just 48 hours of seeing the home!

Close Fast

We can close on your home in as little as two weeks! When we put your home under contract, we work extremely hard to close as quickly as possible; we don’t want to waste your time. 🙂

Full Transparency

Ask us any questions you want and we’ll answer to the best of our ability. We have no interest in scamming or tricking sellers in Spokane; we genuinely want to help.
Just give us a call at 509-828-4270 and let’s chat!


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