Do you own a log home in Spokane?

Do you own a log home in Spokane?   

Well, while log homes make some of the most beautiful and cozy living spaces, they also require some particular maintenance. 

There’s a misconception that log homes will last forever with very little maintenance… but that simply isn’t true. 

In fact, log homes are usually more difficult to maintain than the typical home in the suburbs. 

Moisture, sun exposure, extreme temperatures, insects, and microorganisms all pose a threat to the integrity of your log home. 

Here are some log home maintenance tips…

Annual Inspections 

Check your log home once a year (at least) for signs of drying wood, aging, and any pests.

Remove Mold & Mildew!

Without excellent air circulation, log homes are particularly prone to mold and mildew growth. You can scrub away problem areas yourself or hire someone to do it for you. 


Chinking is a mortar-like material that can be used in gaps up to 5 inches wide. Sealing those gaps in a log home prevents air, insects, and moisture from getting into the home. 

And if you want to learn more about the service we provide, give us a call at 509-828-4270 — we’re happy to walk you through the details. 

Stain The Outside   

To protect the exterior of the home, it’s important to re-stain the logs every once in a while. How often this needs to be done will depend on wear and tear. Does water bead off of the logs? If it does, then the stain is probably in good shape. If it doesn’t, then it might need a new coat. 

Hope that helps!

If you want to sell your home instead of trying to maintain it, then give us a call at 509-828-4270 — we can make you a fair cash offer and close in as little as two weeks! 


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