Cracked Driveway

Cracked Driveway

How do you repair a cracked driveway? 

At INW Properties, we’ve been working in real estate for quite some time and we’ve seen our fair share of cracked driveways — we’ve also FIXED our fair share of cracked driveways 😉

So… how do you do it? 

Fortunately, repairing a cracked driveway is probably something you can do yourself — it typically doesn’t require any special knowledge or ability. 

But it depends on the type of crack(s) you’re dealing with. 

Here are some tips…

Narrow Cosmetic Cracks

Small cosmetic cracks sometimes result because the concrete dried too quickly when it was poured. You can fix these small cracks by applying a concrete resurfacing solution. 

Cracks ¼ Inch in Width

Cracks up to ¼ inch in width are usually because of shrinkage. These cracks can be filled with a polymer concrete crack sealant. 

Cracks & Crumbling

Cracks and crumbling on the edge of the driveway is often caused by heavy vehicles. These can be fixed with quick-setting cement that includes an acrylic fortifier.

Wide, Jagged Cracks

If you notice large cracks with heaving or settling of the driveway, then you might need to do a full slab replacement. In which case, we recommend hiring a professional. 

Hope that helps! You can use good ol’ Google to get more detail!

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